Processing of data as Dlgs. 196/03 - Extended Information

In this page it is the PRIVACY POLICY of EUROSTAMP S.r.l. referring to the processing of data of those have conferred them to EUROSTAMP S.r.l..
It is an information that is given by the art. 13 del Decreto Legislativo n° 196/2003 to those that interact also with the services of EUROSTAMP S.r.l.. The information is inspired also to the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the european authorities for the protection of personal data, put together in the Group established from the art. 29 of the Directive n. 95/46/CE, have adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify some minimal requirements to the collection of on-line personal data, and, in particoular, mode, time, and the nature of the information that the holders of the treatment has to give to the users when they connect to web pages irrespective of the purposes of the connection.
The information is given just for the website and not also for other websites possibly consulted by the users through a link.

The data given to EUROSTAMP S.r.l. are principally treated with automated instruments with the showed aims only and for the strictly needed time to get the purposes for which they have been collected. 
Specific safety measures are observed in order to prevent the loss of the data, illicit or incorrect uses and non authorized accesses.


The users which have given their personal data to EUROSTAMP S.r.l. have the rights in every moment to obain the confirmation of the exhistence of these data and to know the content and origin, to check the correctness or to ask for the update, to make some changes or to integrate them (art. 7 del Decreto Legislativo n° 196/2003).
To this article people can ask to delete, the transformation in an anonym way or the block of the treated data in law violation, or to oppose in every way, for legitime reasons, to their treatment. 
The requests have to be sent to the holder of preferable to the responsible for the check for the reply of the interested.

Data of browsing
IT systems and software procedures for the functioning of this website acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data for which the transmission is implicit in the use of protocols of internet communications. They are information that are not takento be associated to identified interested but as for their natur could, through elaborations and association with data possessed by thirds, could identify users.
In this category of data  In this category of data are IP addresses of pc used by users that connect to the website, the addresses named URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time of request, the method used in send the request to the server, the file dimension obtained as answer, the numeric code showing the status of the answer give by the server (buon fine, error, ecc.) and other parameters related to the os and the it ambient of the user.
These data are used just to obtain anonymous statistics on the use of the site and to control the correct working. 
The data on web contacts don't stay there for more than 36 months; even in application of the Art.3 del DLgs n. 196/03 (principle of necessity), the only information related to the ip address, with the exclusion to every statistic purpose, could be manteined for a longer period of time just for a possible purpose of responsibility check in case of hypothetic informatic crimes to the website. 

Data volountarily given by the user

The optional sending, explicit and volountered of e-mails to the addressed showed on this website makes the storage of the user address, needed to answer to the requests and for other personal data to insert in the letter.

No personal user data is aquired by purpose from the website.
Cookies are not used to broadcast personal information, nor permanent eg for users tracing.
The use of cookies (that are not permanently memorized on the user pc and disappear with the browser closing) is linked to the broadcast of the session (made by random numbers generated from the server) needed to allow the safe and efficient surfing exploration.

Cookies uded in this website avoid some IT techniques potentially bad for the navigation privacy of users and don't allow the aquisition of personal data of the user.

To give personal data is optional but can be needed for the use of services or to get information about products and offered services: in this case is needed to give the personal data requested in the apposite form. 
Their lack could make impossible to obtain things requested. Related to the collection of data done directly on the website (eg. registration to services form), the link is given in the form.

The browsing on the website is free and doesn't need the registration.
The browsing of who doesn't proceed with the registration it's not submitted to monitoring neither with reference to the origin website or to the visited pages.

Registration is mandatory to ask for online offers of EUROSTAMP S.r.l..
The browsing of who doesn't proceed with the registration it's not submitted to monitoring neither with reference to the origin website or to the visited pages.

Given data will be used for the purposes of the normal activity of EUROSTAMP S.r.l., included commercial communication and marketing politics.
WHere not explicitly shown in the information related to singol treatments, personal data will not be given to third or broadcasted. In that case will be requested the relative approval.