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End users area

End users area

Welcome to the "Special requests" section dedicated to end users. If you are a dealer, please click on "Dealers area" on the right.

This section has been thought to give our technicians information as detailed as possible. This means a substantial time saving for you too, as communications between you and us will be reduced to a minimum.

The form filled in its every part will allow our technicians to start the study of the tools with all the details and you will get the answer earlier than before.

If you are not sure about your pres brake groove click here

We want to underline the importance of the field "Approximate number of pieces to make" as this will allow our technicians to take into consideration the possibility to offer you either a standard or a special solution.

Phone and E-mail requests will be accepted anyway, but who fills the form will have priority on the other methods.

Thank you for the cooperation.

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